Japanese for Teens Level 2

Japanese video course designed for teens to self-study Japanese. Gain proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening Japanese through step-by-step video lesson taught by an experienced Japanese teacher.

Who is this course for?

  • Students who have completed Japanese for Teens Level 1 course.
  • Middle and high school students who have learned some Japanese.
  • Students who are interested in learning the Japanese language independently.
  • Students who are learning Japanese and would like additional materials for practice.

What does this course include?

  • 50 engaging topics that include grammar, vocabulary building, Japanese writing, and cultural introductions.
  • Printable study notes and katakana writing worksheets.
  • Quizzes at the end of each topic to test students’ understanding.
  • Homework assigned throughout the course.
  • Graded final exam.
  • Certificate of completion at the end of course.
What will students learn in this course?
Students will continue learning further essential Japanese grammar, useful vocabularies for school and daily life, and how to construct sentences using the grammar and vocabularies learned. Students will learn the complete katakana script so that by the end of this course they are able to read and write katakana. The course is enriched with tips on various aspects of the Japanese culture.
Lesson instruction is given in both English and Japanese to enable students to gradually build their speaking and listening skills, with more Japanese than English as the lessons progress. Romanized Japanese writing, hiragana and katakana are used throughout the course to ease learning and develop students’ reading skills in the Japanese scripts gradually.
How to use this course?
  • Students should aim to study 2-3 topics each week and complete the course within half-a-year time.
  • Print the study notes before watching the video lesson and take your own notes while learning.
  • Complete the quiz and homework for each topic before moving on to the next topic.
Course access is for 365 days.

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 51 Lessons
  • 50 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate
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